In a recent press release (June 27, 2016), ECHA reported that substantial progress has been made in the applications for REACH authorisation of several uses for Chromium Trioxide. ECHA’s RAC (Risk Assessment) and SEAC (Socio-Economic Analysis) Committees have recently issued their draft opinion on the applications for REACH authorisation (‘AfA) of chromium trioxide. Both committes support the applications submitted by the CTACSub Consortium and will recommend that...more

O&S 2016 After Show Report As in previous years, O&S 2016 presented surface technology on a high level. Approximately 300 exhibitors and more than 6,500 trade visitors, many of them from abroad, attended the show which was held in Stuttgart from May 30 until June 2, 2016. Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG from Geislingen was again among the exhibitors. Thomas Haberfellner, Director Sales and Service, had every reason to be satisfied: "It was a very...more

On 1 July 2015, ECHA recommended another 15 substances for inclusion in Annex XIV. The new recommendation list also contains boric acid. The final decision, which substances will be included in Annex XIV, will be taken by the European Commission. If the Commission follows the recommendations given by the ECHA, the Latest Application Date and the Sunset Date will be set. The sunset date ist he date from which the placing on the market and the use of a substance shall be...more