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Terms and Conditions (PDF163 KB)

IMDS-Numbers of Schlötter-Processes in German (PDF 96 KB)

The realization of the REACH regulation (PDF160 KB)

List of product qualities respectively- specifications
recommended (PDF 574KB)


100 Years Schloetter (PDF 3,0 MB)

We fill the gaps! Blind Microvias (PDF 815 KB)

In tune with chemistry. Image (PDF 3,2 MB)

SLOTRONIC-PRO®win (German)
Automatisierungstechnik für die Steuerung Ihrer Anlagen (PDF 1,0 MB)

Active globally – present locally! Locations (PDF 885 KB)


Bright Zinc Electrolytes (PDF 318 KB)

Chrome Electrolytes (PDF 460 KB)

Copper Electrolytes, technical processes (PDF 526 KB)

Electroless Nickel Electrolytes (PDF 418 KB)

Passivations Zinc / Zinc-Iron (PDF 520 KB)

Passivations Zinc-Nickel (PDF 474 KB)

Post Treatment (PDF 495 KB)

Tin Electrolytes (PDF 407 KB)

Zinc Alloy Electrolytes (PDF 354 KB)


ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 (PDF 246 KB)

ISO 50001:2011 (PDF)

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