Cutting edge surface technology was presented on O&S 2014, which was held in Stuttgart on 22-24 June, 2014. The exhibition featured 333 exhibitors from 19 nations  – a slight increase in numbers compared to 2012. This year, O&S was co-staged with the international parts2clean trade...more

A festive celebration, held on May 16, 2014 in the newly erected plating shop of Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik in Leipheim, marked the successful completion of the biggest engineering project in the history of Schlötter. In February 2012, the plating shop at Wanzl had been completely destroyed by a major...more

China is the biggest car producer in the world. The rapid development of China’s automobile industry has also sparked interest in ZnNi system for corrosion protection, which is reflected by the high attendance at the automotive seminar organised by Schlötter in Shanghai.  More than 140...more

SLOTOCHROM DR 1140, Schlötter’s new trivalent chrome electrolyte , has already proved successful in practice. This electrolyte, based on chromium(III) sulphate compounds, provides consistent chrome deposits, which have an exceptional optically bright chrome finish. SLOTOCHROM DR 1140 is used for...more

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