Generational change and restart in Geislingen

Max Schlötter died on 22 May 1946. His daughter Ingeborg and his son-in-law Dr.-Ing. Alfred Geldbach, assisted by Dr.-Ing. Joachim Korpiun, started the reconstruction of the company.

In 1948, the plants in the eastern sector of Berlin were expropriated.

In 1950, the company acquired its own property in Geislingen/Steige where it moved into its own premises. In the subsequent years, the company was growing and also expanding spatially. In 1956, a dedicated administrative building was constructed.

In order to facilitate the presence in the British market, Schloetter Company Ltd. was established in 1969. Initially based in Birmingham, the subsidiary today operates with laboratories, production plants and warehouse on an area of 11,000 m2 in Pershore, Worcestershire.

In 1970, Schlötter in Geislingen/Steige built a large research laboratory.

In order to serve the Irish market, where until then there was no specialist provider for plating technology, the subsidiary Schloetter Ltd. was established in 1976. Today the company is the biggest provider for plating technology in the country mainly producing chemicals for the electronic industry.

In 1978, Schloetter Ges.m.b.H. was established in Salzburg. This subsidiary designs and builds electroplating plants in close cooperation with the parent company in Geislingen/Steige. Meanwhile, the design and production of electronic control units has become a further focus of this subsidiary which supplies the Austrian market with Schlötter plating chemistry.

Northern Europe is another new territory for Schlötter’s activities where the subsidiary Schlötter Svenska AB was opened in Järfalla, Sweden, in 1980. This subsidiary distributes the complete Schlötter range to Sweden and Norway.

In 1981, Schlötter acquired a further production site on the outskirts of Geislingen/Steige; shortly afterwards the electronic department moved into in its own building.

Since 1982 Schlötter has been present in the Asian market with its subsidiary Schloetter Asia Pte. Ltd. Initially established as a distribution company, Schloetter Asia has had its own building since 1991 where the administration, production, laboratory and warehouse are housed.

In 1988, the research laboratory at Geislingen/Steige was expanded. In 1996, a new warehouse for raw and finished chemicals was constructed, which was expanded in 2001.

In 2007, an annex was built as an extention to the administrative building which houses additional offices and a new cafeteria.

In 2011, the company acquired an neighbouring building. A new effluent plant and a new electroplating shop for test purposes are currently under construction.