Globally active

Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise operating successfully in the area of plating technology both in Germany and abroad.
In close cooperation with our foreign subsidiaries and agencies we supply customers at home and abroad with plants, processes and chemical products for electroplating.
In addition to the parent company based at Geislingen/Steige in Germany, five subsidiaries ensure the reliable local supply of customers with products and services:

Schloetter Company Ltd., Pershore, England

Our British subsidiary has its own laboratories, production plants and warehouse and sells both the entire Schlötter range and its own supplementary products such as varnish, wiring machines, etc.

Schloetter Ireland DAC, Naas, Ireland
With its service laboratory and large production plants, our Irish subsidiary primarily produces proprietary Schlötter surface finish chemicals and provides comprehensive chemical contract manufacturing services to a wide range of customers, especially for the medical device industry.

Schlötter Svenska AB, Norrköping, Sweden
With its laboratory and warehouse located at Hillerstorp in Southern Sweden, the subsidiary established in 1980 and based in Norrköping provides the complete Schlötter range in Sweden and Norway. Schlötter Svenska also plans and delivers plating plants to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Schloetter Asia Pte.Ltd., Singapore
Established in 1982 initially as a mere distribution company, Schloetter Asia meanwhile has its own laboratory, production, warehouse and administration and serves Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand as well as the agencies in the Philippines and in Indonesia.

Schloetter Representative Office, Wuxi, China
Schloetter's Chinese office, which was set up in 2004, serves for the expansion of our distribution network and for technical product services.

In addition, agencies in over 25 countries in five continents arrange for competent consulting services to customers throughout the world and for processes and products from Schlötter being available nearly everywhere without lengthy lead times