Between 2011 and 2012, Schloetter installed a new multi-line plant for the coating of aluminium and steel at the High Tech Coatings GmbH in Vorchdorf, a company belonging to the Miba Group. The process sequence includes pre-treatment for both aluminium and steel, phosphating or electroless nickel...more

Schlötter is pleased to present three new processes to the market. The new zinc and zinc-nickel electrolytes, SLOTOLOY ZN 320, SLOTANIT OT 1010 and ZINCASLOT ZA 1020 have been developed in-house at Schlötter by our experienced and innovative Research & Development chemists. The new electrolytes...more

The new zinc plating plant which is in operation since August 2011 is the second plant installed by Schlötter for the Oldenburg-based coating company Pentz&Gerdes.The newly built plant measures 55 metres (180ft) and comprises five transporters with a maximum load of 600 kg each. Currently, the...more

In the year 2011, Schlötter successfully completed the reconstruction of several plating plants which had been destroyed in a fire two years earlier. The newly installed plants for Rohde AG include a rack plating line with a tank volume of 150,000 litres and a barrel plating line with a tank volume...more

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