Successful Customer Seminar in Romania


More than 50 participants attended a two-day symposium in Sibiu (Romania) on October 15-16, 2018 which was organised by Ciato Galvanotehnic, Schlötter’s longstanding distributor in Romania. The seminar was held at the company Compa, which kindly provided rooms. Speakers from Schlötter and other Ciato partners such as Zwez, Mazurczak and Mefiag presented to the audience new developments in plating technologiy, ranging from phosphate coatings to filter technology and heating systems. Schlötter focused on cathodic corrosion protection: Arndt Striso (Schlötter) reported on problems resulting from hydrogen embrittlement and presented Schlötter’s new Pickle Degreaser SLOTOCLEAN BEF 1790, suitable for high-strength steel. He also talked about newly developed passivates and sealants and new decorative processes for nickel and chrome. Volker Wohlfarth (Schlötter) presented the alkaline zinc-nickel processes SLOTOLOY ZN Generation VX. The new electrolytes SLOTOLOY ZN 80 VX (rack parts) and SLOTOLY ZN 210 VX (barrel parts) are operated with newly developed special anodes and feature a reduced formation of cyanides and significantly lower consumption of organic additives.

On the second day, Torbjörn Eriksson, Managing Director of Schlötter Svenska AB, presented innovations in plant technology. The seminar highlight was the tour of Compa’s automatic alkaline Zn-Ni  barrel plating line which was planned and built by Schlötter Svenska in 2015/2016. The participants were positively impressed by the modern and fully automatic plating line. As the seminar has received a positive response from the participants, future customer seminars will be planned at regular intervals.