Technology for 5G PCB: Customer Seminar in Thailand


Approx. 20 participants followed the invitation from Schlötter, AGES, their long-year sales and technology partner in Taiwan, and the company Saninwan to attend a customer seminar in Bangkok on 29 October 2019, featuring New Wetting Technology for 5G PCB Applications. Schlötter customers from Thailand were given the opportunity to gather in-depth information on Schlötter’s new supperfilling electrolytes SLOTOCOUP SF 1960 and SLOTCOUP SF 50 and direct metallization processes SLOTOSIT PCB 3500, SLOTOGO 3700 and SLOTOSIT PCB 3800, which had been presented on TPCA 2019 in Taiwan only a few days before.

Schlötter has been firmly established as a successful supplier of acid copper electrolytes for via filliing and through hole plating for more than 20 years. Recently, the company started to focus on direct metallization processes which are used to create a conductive layer on the PCB substrate. 


After an introduction by Matthias Hampel, PCB Technology Manager of Schlötter, Dr. Stefan Henne, Vera Lipp (both Schlötter) and Nick Yang (AGES) discussed potential PCB applications using Schlötter processes, including:

  • innovative pattern process for automotive PCB
  • Flex PCB for 5G PCB application


The introduction of 5G will lead to the selection of new, thin PCB materials. Schlötter’s target is to develop direct metallization processes suitable for 5G substrates. SLOTOSIT PCB 3500 is a graphite-based, four-stage direct metallisation process free of formaldehyde, cyanide and heavy metal which works very well in combination with superfilling electrolytes. SLOTOSIT PCB 3800 is used to active PCB substrates such as polyimide in gaseous SO3.


West meets East: Schlötter in Asia

Schlötter has had close ties to Asia for decades. In addition to their own subsidiaries in Singapore and China, Schloetter Asia Pte Ltd and Schlötter (Wuxi) Surface Technology, the company has agents and distributors in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hongkong, Philippines and China, supporting local customers with the installation and operation of Schlötter processes.