After Show Report SurfaceTechnology 2018


The first SurfaceTechnology Germany, ending on 07 June 2018, had a good start. The former O&S was launched under a new name to reflect the growing international impact of the trade fair. The new concept succeeded: Around 300 exhibitors and 6,000 trade visitors, approx. 25% coming from abroad, attended the event in Stuttgart from 05-07 June, 2018. 


Schlötter’s booth attracted a large crowd over all three days of the event, hosting visitors from more than 15 different countries, including Austria, UK, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Thailand and India. Many of Schlötter’s international agents combined the attendance of the trade fair with a short trip to the company's headquarters in Geislingen. Even a 20-strong delegation of the China Surface Engineering Association paid a visit to Geislingen. After a tour around the factory, the visitors from China gained information on new technologies in the plating industry, concentrating on Schlötter’s new VX anode technology, which was of special interest to the Chinese visitors because of the growing importance of environmental protection in China.


Nominated for the award »THE SURFACE«

On the fair, Schlötter presented Zinc-Nickel SLOTOLOY ZN VX 210 (for barrel applications) and SLOTOLOY ZN 80 VX (for rack applications),  the new alkaline zinc-nickel electrolytes marketed as „Generation VX“. The new electrolytes which were filed for patent in 2017, use a new brightener in combination with a newly developed anode, Special Anode VX 1. The combination of new brightener and anode reduces the anodic decomposition of organic additives and consequently the formation of cyanides. With this technology, Schlötters offers a simple and cost-effective way to operate alkaline zinc-nickel processes in a more environmentally friendly and cost-saving fashion than before.

This new development also impressed the jurors from Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart who nominated Schlötter for their surface technology award »THE SURFACE«. Schlötter reached the finals and was presented with a certificate. The surface engineering award »THE SURFACE« has been presented by Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart since 2012to innovative applications or technologies from the various sectors of surface engineering.


Presentations in the Forum 

Schlötter researchers also gave two lectures in the forum: Ralph Krauß, group leader for cathodic corrosion protection, discussed the benefits of Schlötter’s new VX technology in his presentation "New technology for future-generation alkaline zinc-nickel electrolytes". Dr. Sebastian Heitmüller focussed on the practical applications of tin-zinc alloy coatings, presenting Schlötter’s Tin-Zinc Alloy SLOTOLOY ZSN 20, designed for depositing matte to semi-bright tin alloy coatings for barrel parts. SLOTOLOY ZSN 20 can be used for the plating of  barrel parts such as grounding bolts in the engine compartment which need to combine high levels of red-rust resistance with good weldability.  Coatings deposited from SLOTOLOY ZSN 20 feature good electrical conductivity and avoid bimetallic corrosion with iron and aluminium.


In summary, participating in the Stuttgart trade fair was once again well worth the effort for Schlötter. We would like to thank all customers and business partners for visiting us and look forward to seeing you again in 2020.