SurfaceTechnology Germany in Stuttgart


At this year's SurfaceTechnology to be held in Stuttgart from June 5 - 7, 2018, Schlötter will focus on technologies for the mobility of tomorrow, presenting innovative resource-friendly and sustainable electroplating processes from the company’s own R&D, including a new generation of alkaline zinc-nickel and high speed silver processes.


Reduced cyanide formation: SLOTOLOY ZN „Generation“ VX

Cyanides, resulting from anodic oxidation, are common, but undesirable by-products of alkaline zinc-nickel plating. In order to overcome this problem, Schlötter developed two new alkaline electrolytes, SLOTOLOY ZN 80 VX (for rack platig) and SLOTOLOY ZN 210 VX (for barrel plating) which show a signficantly reduced formation of cyanides during electrodeposition of zinc-nickel. Undesirable oxidation products can be avoided and current efficiency stays on a constantly high level. Existing installations of Schlötter’s widely used electrolytes SLOTOLOY ZN 80 and SLOTOLOY ZN 210 can easily be converted to the new systems:


The two new zinc-nickel electrolytes offer following benefits:

  • very low cyanide formation
  • shorter deposition times
  • constantly high current efficiency
  • reduced energy consumption
  • low metal drag-out due to low nickel concentrations
  • reduced consumption of organic additives


To benefit from the VX-technology, users only have to install new anodes and use a different brightener. Capital expenditure is low: the new anodes roughly cost the same amount as regular nickel-plated steel anodes.

The first installations on-site have been under operation for more than one year and have proved to provide excellent robustness and efficiency.


Tin and Silver for Electromobility

Electromobility also features prominently in Schlötter’s presentation at the exhibition. Schlötter’s product range includes various tin, tin alloy and silver electrolytes suitable for the plating of contacts or vehicle connectors. SLOTOSIL BSH 1500 is a new high speed silver electrolyte suitable for wire and reel-to-reel plating lines. SLOTOSIL BS 1590 is a low-sulphur bright silver electrolyte for rack and barrel plating. Tin-Zinc SLOTOLOY ZSN 20 deposits tin alloy coatings with high corrosion resistance  and can be used for the plating of parts in electromobility (e.g. grounding bolts) which need to combine high levels of red-rust resistance with good weldability.


Starting from 2008, Schlötter has regularly participated in the Stuttgart trade fair (formerly known as O&S) which has been renamed SurfaceTechnology to emphasise the exhibition’s growing international impact. This is in line with Schlötter’s own development as exports have continuously grown over the past years. The Geislingen-based company is exporting plating chemistry to more than 40 countries all over the world.