Safely controlled

The heart of SLOTRONIC-PROwin is formed by the two software components “Controller” and “Visualization”. They are installed directly on the central computer. The “Controller” component controls the data flow between the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and the Visualization and also provides the switch for changing between real-time mode and simulation mode as well as further functions. The “Visualization” component provides a clearly structured user interface for entering, displaying and processing the process data as well as for mapping the overall system.

The process data may be entered, analyzed or otherwise used via either the central computer or further PCs. The use of additional components like control panel, scales and barcode readers serving as input devices is possible as well.

Hohe Sicherheit

High level of safety
A failure of the plant or a malfunction may have fatal consequences and cause considerable financial losses. SLOTRONIC-PROwin ensures the utmost operational safety for your plant. The software enables you, firstly, to inform designated persons by SMS about malfunctions, and, secondly, to apply appropriate software to access your plant via the Internet or modem. This way, errors and problems can be eliminated in the quickest possible time. A further safety asset: SLOTRONIC-PROwin permits the individual allocation of access rights to users; this constitutes a reliable protection of your plant and data against unauthorized accesses.

We speak European
SLOTRONIC-PROwin can be operated in various European languages. Languages can be switched even during operation.