SLOTRONIC-PRO®win is convincing

Easy Program Management
• Easy to use sequence programming with variable and combined plant control systems
• Customized settings for quality assurance, device and company data management
• Individual creation of the sequence programs depending on the spectrum of products
• Station-related adjustment of the device data (rectifiers, drum rotation, etc.)
• Adjustment of the available device data according to your plant
• Appealing print layout
• Facility to correct parameters such as holding or drain time with changing bath conditions
  independent of the values predefined in the article
• Intelligent week timer: control and adjustment of plant components according to preset time limits

Convenient acquisition of articles or components
• Convenient and quick creation of article or component data
• Input of article-related basic data and additional information
• Determination of drain and oscillating times
• Facility to make station- and article- or component-related adjustments of the device data
  (rectifiers, drum rotation, etc.)
• Control of the rectifiers by entering multiple records per rectifier
• Adjustment of the available device data according to your plant
• Pictorial representation of the article or component in order to improve the processing
• Easy creation of the program sequence for the article or component on the basis of predefined

Clearly arranged plant visualization
• Overview and visualization of the entire electroplating plant including important plant components
• Visualization of motion sequences of single plant components
• Display of faults and fault messages of the plant
• Time-accurate representation of the real production process
• Facility to simulate production processes
• Control of the production process via “Automatic”, “End of Cycle” and “End of Work”
• Programming of the goods carriers at the loading station
• Detailed representation of the stations with the parameters set accordingly
• Facility to change parameters
• Control of the transport trolleys (overhead) in manual mode via the plant visualization
• Display and adjustment of goods carrier parameters

Support with quality assurance
• Collection and processing of data relevant to the quality assurance
• Facility to log errors in the quality report
• Representation of electricity and voltage data as a curve chart
• Color highlighting of defective goods
• Fast and precise search via search fields
• Search criteria and print layout customizable by request

Meaningful production and error statistics
• Collection and analysis of production-relevant data and of fault messages from
  specific plant components
• Fast and precise search via search fields
• Freely adjustable display fields

Maintenance made easy
• Specification of parameters and texts for recognizing required maintenance
  and performing maintenance works at stations and other plant components
• Individually adjustable maintenance parameters per station and plant component
• Input of additional information for carrying out maintenance works