Integrated solutions from the system supplier

PLC and switch cabinets
Our aim is to supply to you products for the entire production process – system-tested and field-tested. As a consequence, Schlötter offers air-conditioned switch cabinet systems, the related PLC as well as corresponding Fieldbus units, all of which are tailored to your control system.

Nothing runs without PLC
The PLC connects the appropriate devices, collects and feeds back process data to the central computer. Together with the central computer, the PLC is the core of the plant control system. For years, we have been relied on PLCS from Siemens or B&R – both controls stand out due to their low susceptibility to interference, compact design and a wide range of applications. It is up to you to decide which of the two controls to use for your plant. We use Interbus and Profibus systems for connecting the PLC to the devices.

First-class Service as usual
Our service sets standards in all areas, since we are aware that only a good customer service will create satisfied customers. For this reason, we will always be the reliable and competent partner at your side – for all issues of electroplating and over the entire life cycle of our electrolytes and electroplating plants. This concept of service of course also applies to all topics around SLOTRONIC-PROwin: from implementation and customized adaptation to your system to briefing of your staff to installation of updates and remote maintenance including troubleshooting.