Every Schlötter plant is unique

We mainly build plants for our customers which can be used for the following applications:

Electroplating plants
For all our processes we build plants for you that are entirely tailored to your individual conceptions and resources.

Cleaning plants
For cleaning soiled components we offer a variety of solutions that are best aligned to the respective workpieces and the soiling.

Anodizing plants
These plaints use anodic oxidation to produce oxidic protective coatings on aluminum.

Phosphating plants
For producing anti-corrosion coatings, for improving the gliding and break-in properties and for applying an etch primer for colored coats of varnish.

We upgrade your plant and adapt it to the state of the art, making older plants comply with the statutory regulations and meet the current requirements of the market.

To preserve the production reliability, a plant should be maintained in regular intervals. A professional maintenance performed by us will maintain the high availability of your plant. We only use original spare and wearing parts for maintenance. We always have functionally relevant parts in stock, in order to minimize any idle times of the plant.