With our plants you are always well advised

We are your provider from planning to manufacturing, installation and initial operation to maintenance and service. For our customers, this means maximum flexibility until the completion of a plant engineering project. Even at the stage of installation we still can allow for adaptations and change requests.

Planning – We plan together with you from the outset
Your production requirements form the starting point of a plant engineering process. For manufacturing a specific product you need a plant that is aligned to the product and the related process. Our project team plans your plants according to your specifications and the required processes and with due regard to the applicable regulations. During the planning stage the first plant installation plans and sections are already created.

Projection – Our ideas are always concrete
In the projection stage, after the contract has been awarded, the plant installation plans, sections, etc., are concretized and/or adapted to the final situation. Schedules and strip plans may be prepared in cooperation with the responsible architect, where required.
If requested or required, we will also create animated 3D presentations.

Construction – We know how everything functions!
In accordance with your requests and with due regard to the regulations we work out your plant in all details and adapt it to the required chemical process during the construction stage, always making use of our long experience in the field of plant engineering. Depending on the task we also cooperate with the relevant experts of our subsidiaries. That means: As a customer of Schlötter you will always benefit from our global know-how.
Even with individual plants we aim at using standardized assemblies; this means for our customers that they will enjoy a high degree of operational reliability, an immediate availability of spare parts and a cost reduction due to the absence of an expensive warehousing.

Manufacturing – Everything planned and constructed will be completed by us
New manufacturing processes are accounted for by us already during the construction stage. Therefore, the plant components that we manufacture for you will correspond to the latest state of the art as far as possible.

Installation – A Schlötter plant is always best installed

A Schlötter plant is always installed by our own assemblers, which guarantees a direct and quick implementation of the specifications. Our assemblers are closely involved into the project and may allow for last adaptations and change requests even in the stage of installation. This means maximum flexibility for our customers.

Maintenance – Keeps your plants running
Highest availability, low maintenance costs, long service life – no problem with a plant that is well maintained. Our service technicians know our plants and perform all maintenance works at your electroplating plant, if required, using always only original wearing and spare parts which mostly are available from our stock.