Individually designed plants

Since 1951, the delivery year of the first plating plant designed in Geislingen, the Schlötter Group has built more than 1,000 electroplating plants. Plants designed  by Schlötter range from manual plants and modernisations to sophisticated automatic electroplating plants with multiple lines and tank volumes of over 100,000 litres. Each plant is unique and presents our team with new challenges. Our goal is to develop individual solutions which are ideally tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

For your information we have compiled a list of references and made them available on our website.

Plated Copper, nickel, tin, silver, hard silver, zinc and zinc-nickel: Pieper Oberflächentechnik, based in Hermsdorf (Thuringia), offers a wide variety of finishes.  Plated zinc-nickel was included in the product programme in 2008 when the company started operating a combined plating plant for...more

A festive celebration, held on May 16, 2014 in the newly erected plating shop of Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik in Leipheim, marked the successful completion of the biggest engineering project in the history of Schlötter. In February 2012, the plating shop at Wanzl had been completely destroyed by a major...more

Over the last few years, MBO GmbH, a 100% daughter company of the Mühlbauer AG, have continuously expanded their production capacity in surface technology at their headquarters in Roding (Bavaria).  First, a zinc rack plating line was added to the already existing anodising plant and then in...more

The new zinc plating plant which is in operation since August 2011 is the second plant installed by Schlötter for the Oldenburg-based coating company Pentz&Gerdes.The newly built plant measures 55 metres (180ft) and comprises five transporters with a maximum load of 600 kg each. Currently, the...more

In the year 2011, Schlötter successfully completed the reconstruction of several plating plants which had been destroyed in a fire two years earlier. The newly installed plants for Rohde AG include a rack plating line with a tank volume of 150,000 litres and a barrel plating line with a tank volume...more

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